AIR JORDAN 1 history

Initially created for basketball Hall of Fame player Michael Jordan, Air Jordan has become one of the best-selling shoes worldwide. The American brand manufactures shoes, athletic, casual style clothing and is produced by Nike.  The original sneakers were initially produced exclusively for Michael Jordan in 1984 and were released to the public in 1985. Since 1985, Air Jordan has launched almost one new model every year. Thirty-four models had been launched as of 2019.

The shoe brand is a smash-hit in the youth footwear segment and has emerged as must-have footwear over the years. The brand is seen as a status symbol as its expensive footwear is not affordable by everyone. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its association with celebrities and athletes who wear the brand. Its influence on culture has not only kept it relevant over so many years but also helped grow its popularity. Its association with Michael Jordan has played a crucial role in its popularity as the buyers felt more connected to Michael Jordan. These shoes are made of high-quality material and hence durable. The brand also offers various shoes with various styles and colours, giving the buyers a wide range of options.

The AIR Jordan 1 is the first-ever model of the Air Jordan series, it was exclusively produced for Michael Jordan during his time with Chicago Bulls in 1984. Peter B Moore initially designed the model, and the shoe had a red and black colourway of Nike Air Ship, representing the young player, who became a national sensation. But even today, it creates the hype that other popular sneaker brands can only dream of. How has the 36-year-old shoe model successfully managed to sustain and grow its popularity over the years?  The Air Jordan 1 is considered to be the first of many, as the signature shoe revolutionized the sneaker culture, and its influence is felt to date. Though various other models have been launched by the brand, Air Jordan 1 holds a special place in everyone’s heart and is undoubtedly the fan favourite even after thirty-six years of its launch.

Various versions of the shoe are still being launched, and there is renewed hype every time a new model is announced. The planned Dior AJ1 is rumoured to cost 2000$, yet fans are going crazy over it. Its association with Michael Jordan has definitely been crucial for its popularity but what we learn from the brand staying relevant for so many years is that it is not just about recognizing greatness; it’s about new ways to tell stories that build the myth.


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